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About the Home Page

The Website Builder home page gives you at-a-glance information about your site. From here, you can click to add new pages, work with existing pages, upload new files and images, and manage other aspects of your site.

Website Builder consists of two main areas, the home page and the Page Designer. The home page helps you complete administrative tasks, like adding a forum or a guestbook, while you use the Page Designer to design the individual pages of your site.

Note: For a more detailed explanation about the features you can add from the home page, including links to how-to help, see Menu Bar Options below.

To Design Your Site

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.
  2. In your Products list click Website Builder, and then click Manage next to the account you want to use.
  3. From the Website Builder home page, in the Getting Started area, click Design Your Pages. For more information see, Designing Pages.

Menu Bar Options

The menu bar displays along the top portion of the screen and provides access to over 20 different features.


Returns to the Home page.


Launch Page Designer
Displays the Page Designer where you can design and modify your Web pages. For more information, see Designing Pages.
Template and Colors
Goes to the Template tab where you can select from a variety of templates and change their color schemes. For more information see, Changing a Template.
Advanced Style Options
Displays the CSS editor where you can make changes to your site's CSS. For more information, see Adding Custom CSS.
Advanced Color Options
Displays a page where you can individually modify the colors your site is using. For more information, see Changing Your Website's Colors .


Guestbooks let your site visitors sign their name on your site to indicate their visit. For more information, see Adding and deactivating a Guest Book.
Flash® Intro
A Flash Intro displays before users see your site's home page. For more information, see Adding Flash Intros.
A forum is an area of your site that allows users to create and comment on ongoing discussions. For more information, see Adding a Forum.
Coming Soon Page
Coming soon pages alert visitors that you intend to have your site ready soon. For more information, see
Quick Shopping Cart®
Set up a link to your Quick Shopping Cart site. For more information, see Integrating Quick Shopping Cart.


Organize Site
Add, delete, rename, and make other changes to pages your site uses. For more information, see Organizing Your Website Using the Organize Site Page.
Google Sitemaps
Sitemaps can help make your site more searchable. For more information, see Customizing Google Sitemap Settings.
You can backup your site and restore it at any time. For more information, see Backup my website.
Goes to the Publish page where you can publish your website. For more information, see Publishing pages.
Publish Selected Pages
Allows you to specify pages you want to publish. For more information, see Hiding Web Pages .
Publish History
Shows the date, time, duration, state, any messages, and log files of all previous publishes. For more information see Viewing Your Publishing History and Log.
File Size/Loading Info
Website Builder helps you determine your site's performance and address any areas for improvement. For more information, see Viewing File Size and Loading Information in Website Builder.
Password Protection
You can password protect your site to prevent unwanted access. For more information, see Adding Password Protection.
Upload Files and Images
You can upload and manage files and images in Website Builder. For more information, see Uploading and Linking to Files.
Spell Check
Website Builder can check your spelling on all your pages or only pages you specify. For more information, see Spell Checking.
You can download additional fonts to display as captions on your images. For more information, see Downloading Additional Fonts to Website Builder.
Restart Site
Start over from scratch by using Website Builder's Restart Site function. For more information, see Starting Your Website Over.


Modify the settings created when you first set up your Website Builder account. For more information, see Change my domain and/or Editing Your Contact Information.
On the Configuration page you can specify details such as whether to show the Website Builder banner, search engine information, spell check and other options. For more information, see Setting Your Preferences.


Displays the Help Center.
Goes to our support page where you can submit a support ticket.
Read our Blog

Displays the developer's blog where new features are announced.

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