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Reporting abuse

GoDaddy has been fighting phishing, botnet, malware, and other forms of abuse for more than 20 years and we have robust procedures and tools in place to help prevent and mitigate such attacks. Specifically, our team utilizes advanced technologies and collaborates with security companies and independent experts, law enforcement and other government agencies, and industry working groups to combat this type of abuse. Our Universal Terms of Service precludes customers from using our services for phishing, malware and related abuse and gives us broad discretion for taking action.

If you would like to report internet abuse to GoDaddy, you can use our abuse report form. Please provide the required details so that our team can research your complaint. If you prefer, you can email us at one of the addresses listed below.

Please keep in mind:

  • We can't guarantee any particular outcome, but we'll review your complaint and contact you only if necessary.
  • Your complaint will be evaluated for merit and acted on where appropriate.
  • You will not receive updates regarding the evaluation or outcome of the complaint.
  • We reserve the right to use your complaint to substantiate the abuse to our customer when necessary.
  • Complaints are tracked by our team for the purposes of improving anti-abuse processes and threat mitigation.
  • If you submit your report using the abuse reporting form, additional submissions from your email address within 24 hours won't receive another notice of receipt.
  • If you submit your report using one of the addresses below, send only one report per domain and do not alter the URL in any way.

Types of Abuse

Name Description Information needed to report Email
Phishing A site pretending to be another site with the intention of stealing login/personal identification information. Full domain path.
Example: http://coolexample.com/phishing
Note: The website must be live and contain a login area.
Privacy concerns For concerns regarding Privacy or GDPR, please refer to our privacy policy . privacy@godaddy.com
Malware A site that participates in malware or virus distribution, or URLs to download. You can also report sites that promote, encourage, or engage in computer or network hacking and cracking. Full domain path.
Example: http://coolexample.com/malware
Network abuse A site performing network attacks such as brute force or denial of service. Offending IP address and a small example of the log.
Example: 123.456.789.10
----Begin logs----
----End logs----
Spam Unsolicited email, texts or SMS messages. Wire transfer fraud, etc. Copy of the original email in .eml format, or originating sender and content of SMS spam. abuse@godaddy.com
Copyright complaints A website hosted on GoDaddy products is using copyrighted material without your permission. Full domain path.
Example: http://coolexample.com/content

Or use our complaint form to report infringements.

Trademark complaints A website hosted on GoDaddy products is using a trademarked item without your permission. Full domain path.
Example: http://coolexample.com/content

Or use our complaint form to report infringements.

Domain disputes Please see ICANN's Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy. udrpdisputes@godaddy.com
Account changes Read this guide for additional information Full domain path.
Example: http://coolexample.com/content
Invalid WHOIS You suspect a domain has been registered with fake information. Domain name.
Example: http://coolexample.com
Note: If your information has been used for the invalid registration, please let us know.
Go to our WHOIS Domain Lookup page and search for the domain. At the bottom of the search results, select Report Invalid Whois and then fill out the online form.
Content complaints Disturbing imagery, violence, etc.
Questionable pharmacy content on a website.
Content that displays personal information such as a social security number or credit card number.
Fake technical support sites not phishing login information.
Full domain path.
Example: http://coolexample.com/content
Child abuse Material found on a website that promotes, encourages, or engages in child exploitation or abuse of children. Full domain path.
Example: http://coolexample.com/content
Abuse API You represent a company that handles abuse reporting on behalf of clients. This email should only be used for access to and support for the Abuse Reporting API Only. Do not send general abuse reports or other communications to this email.

For other types of abuse or issues, please locate the correct email address from the table above.

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