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Change my theme font and color

After you change the theme for your Premium Online Store, customize the theme's fonts and colors to match your brand's unique style. You can change sections of your site including main headings, buttons, menus, prices and body text. If you have Websites + Marketing, check out change my theme, choose site color and choose site font instead.

  1. Go to your GoDaddy product page.
  2. Scroll down to Websites + Marketing and select Manage next to your Premium Online Store site.
  3. From your Dashboard, go to Store Design.
  4. Select the Theme tab and click Customize below your current theme.
    Click Customize button
  5. The Style Designer will open. Choose your site's customization, and when you're finished, click Save & Apply.

Theme colors

  1. Under Colors, pick a color combination. (The choices vary based on your theme.)
  2. If you want more choices, click + Custom colors and select a section of your site to expand the color spectrum.
  3. For even more options, click Advanced to edit the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and HSV (Hue Saturation Value) fields.
    Choose advanced colors
  4. After you choose a color, click Select to see it in the preview site.
  5. Use the pencil button if you want to continue editing your custom color selection.
    Pencil button

Note: Preview won't display individual page settings if they're left blank. For example, announcements and message fields must be filled in for them to appear in the preview — even if you customize the main message background color. External links are also disabled in the preview.

Theme fonts

  1. Below Fonts, choose a font for the listed sections of your site. For example, pick a font for Links & Headings to customize the display of your slideshow's text.
    Select font
  2. The preview window updates automatically to display your choice.
  3. If you want to start over using that theme's original fonts, select Reset fonts to default.

Note: Each theme offers a limited set of font choices, though the choices vary from theme to theme. If you don't see a particular font choice within a theme, click Cancel at the bottom of the Style Designer and pick another theme.

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