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Compare current Website Builder with Version 6

The current version of Website Builder is packed with features to build great looking sites using designs not possible with the earlier Website Builder v6:

  • Templates and designs — Choose from hundreds of templates, layout, and designs.
  • Unlimited pages — Finally, enough space for everything you want to say about your business.
  • Real-time feeds from blogs and social profiles — Keep customers coming back with new features that integrate with social media platforms and blogs.
  • Social Sharing Apps — Let your customers spread the word by sharing your site across more than 300 of the most popular social media networks.
  • Social Integration — Create Facebook® and Twitter® business pages that sync with your site. (Website Builder Business Plus plan only.)
Available in current Website Builder, not in Version 6
Features Current Website Builder Website Builder v6
Create Buttons YesNo
Create Shapes Yes No
Facebook Yes No
GoDaddy Email Marketing Integration Yes No
Instagram (photos uploading) Yes No
Lock Layers Yes No
Layout Grid/Guide Yes No
Menu/Price List Yes
(with Get Found widget)
Social Branding
(Sync to Facebook and Twitter pages)
Yes No
Search Engine Optimization Wizard Yes
(Business Plus)
Unlimited Pages Yes No
Visitor Statistics Yes No
Planned for current Website Builder, not in Version 6
Features Current Website Builder Website Builder v6
Facebook Page Creation Planned
(Business Plus)
Integration with Stand-alone SEV Yes No
Available in current Website Builder and Version 6
Features Current Website Builder Website Builder v6
Add Lines Yes Yes
Add Maps Yes Yes
Add RSS Feeds Yes Yes
Audio Player Yes Yes
Backup-Restore Yes Yes
Contact Form Yes Yes
Facebook Widget Yes Yes
Favicon Yes Yes
Galleries, Slideshows Yes Yes
HTML Code Widget Yes Yes
Images: Advanced Editing Yes Yes
Images: Crop/Rotate Yes-Crop/No-Rotate Yes
Images: Royalty-free Yes Yes
Images: Theme-based Yes Yes
My Account Access Yes
(through Account Access)
(through Administrative Access)
Navigation Menus Yes Yes
Page Background Image Yes Yes
Site Map Yes Yes
Social/Share Buttons Yes Yes
Twitter Feed Yes Yes
Yelp Yes Yes
YouTube Widget Yes Yes
Not planned for current Website Builder, but available in Version 6
Features Current Website Builder Website Builder v6
Domain Search Not Planned Yes
Ebay Integration Not Planned Yes
Google AdSense Not Planned Yes
Google Custom Search Not Planned Yes
Mobile Site Fixes Not Planned Yes
Password Protected Pages Not Planned Yes
Publish Selected Pages Not Planned Yes
Quick Shopping Cart Integration Not Planned Yes
Share Site with Others for Pre-publish Review Not Planned No
Separate Photo File Management Area Not Planned Yes
(with Photo Album)
Switch Themes With Retained Content Not Planned Yes
Also: Alt Image Tags, Anchor Tags, Baby Announcement, Biography, Calculator, Calendar, Color Schemes for Templates, Comments Widget, Date/Time Stamp, Email Form Captcha, Forums, Guest Book, Hit Counter, HTML Editing on Non-HTML Blocks, Loan Calculator, Property Price Calculator, Scrolling Marquee Not Planned Yes
Not planned for current Website Builder or Version 6
Features Current Website Builder Website Builder v6
Video File Uploads Not Planned
(Use YouTube)

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