Connecting to the Reseller API Production Environment

Before you can connect to the API production environment, you must set an API password and designate the IP address you use to connect.

Note: Before connecting, you must complete the certification outlined in Certifying Your API Reseller Account to Connect to the Production Environment.

To Set Your API Password

  1. Log in to using your Wild West® Domains or GoDaddy account credentials.
  2. From the Reseller Settings section, click Account Access.
  3. Enter an API Password, confirm it, and then click Apply.

To Designate Your IP Address

  1. Click IP Address Configuration.
  2. Enter your IP address in the Enter IP Address field, leave the Certificate Name field empty, and then click Apply.

    Note: If you don't have your server's IP address, you can obtain it using an ipconfig command.

To connect to the production API, you must include a Web Reference URL in your application project.

To Connect to the API Production Environment

  1. In your application project, point a Web Reference URL to the OTE's WSDLE —

    Note: If using a firewall, you must configure it to allow outgoing connections to IP address

  2. Test the application's connection using the Describe(...) method.

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