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Creating a Sale or Clearance Category for Existing Products

You can add a sale or clearance category to your Quick Shopping Cart® storefront and make it active or inactive at any time.

To Create a Sale or Clearance Category to Your Quick Shopping Cart Storefront

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.
  2. Click Quick Shopping Cart.
  3. Next to the account you want to use, click Manage.
  4. Go to the Manage menu, and then from the Catalog section, select Add Category.
  5. On the Basic Info tab, define your category information:
    • Category name — This is the display name for the category on the home page.
    • Parent category — Child categories are nested beneath their parent category.
    • Category description — Because a category only houses products and other categories, this is where you give information about it.
    • Category status — Deactivating a category deletes it from your storefront but leaves it accessible in your catalog.
    • Category image — Images show your customers what they're buying. For more information about managing images, see Using the Media Gallery .
  6. On the Page Text tab, enter your display text:
    • Introduction text — Enter the product introduction text in this section.
    • Closing text — Enter the product closing text in this section.

    Note: You can embed images and media in Introduction text and Closing text. If you are working in the HTML Editor and need more information, see


  7. On the SEO tab, enter your SEO information so your categories are visible on search engines results:
    • Image alt text — If your browser cannot display an image from a website, then the ALT tag displays the description of the image as text.
    • Meta tag title — The meta tag title should include keywords that help people locate your store.
    • Description — Description meta tags should be a sentence describing or summarizing the category.
    • Meta tag keywords — Keyword meta tags should list the words or phrases that describe the category of products your are selling. Separate keywords with commas.
  8. On the Products in Category tab, add, reorder, or arrange your products.
  9. Click Save.

Note: You must publish your storefront for changes to take effect. For more information, see How to publish .


6014 - Changing Option Display Order in Quick Shopping Cart

Once you've added options to your Quick Shopping Cart® product, they display on your storefront. Changing their display order can enhance your storefront's appearance and affect how visitors purchase your products.

For Standalone Options, change the display order so your storefront looks better to shoppers or to keep items consistent.

For Configurable Variation Options, the order in which the options display affects how customers order the product. For example, if you are selling a T-shirt with Configrable Variation Options of size and color, you want to put size as the first configurable option. That way, a customer can select their size and then see which colors are available.

Note: For example of how you can use these options, see Using the product variations grid .

To Change the Order in which Product Options Display

  1. Log in to your Quick Shopping Cart account.
  2. From the Manage menu, in the Catalog section, select Products.
  3. Select the product to edit.
  4. On the Options tab, click the Move Up or Move Down arrow to reposition your options.
  5. Click Save.

Note: You must publish your storefront for changes to take effect. For more information, see How to publish .

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