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Edit spam settings with the Advanced Email Security Add-on

With the Advanced Email Security Add-on, you have additional spam settings in place. You can change the spam defaults, at any time. These include sensitivity level, and what actions to take on bulk or suspected phishing emails.

Warning: You do not have the ability to create or edit filters, by default. If you wish to have this feature turned on for your account, please contact customer support at (480) 463-8843.
  1. Log in to Proofpoint.
  2. Under Company Settings, click the Spam tab.
  3. Make your desired selections for the options displayed on the page:
    Option Details
    Spam Sensitivity Default level is 7. The lower the number, the more sensitive, and the more spam that gets stopped. The higher the number, the less sensitive.
    Quarantine bulk email If selected, this will not allow any email that is identified as bulk email through. This is all messages from any email marketing services, or any other sender that is known to be sending email in bulk.
    Quarantine email suspected of being phish If selected, this setting will stop any email that the system thinks is a phishing attempt, trying to steal personal information. If you choose to quarantine suspected phishing emails, you also must decide if you want to Require administrator privileges to release suspected phishing email, below.
    Spam stamp & forward If selected, this will mark the email as Spam in the subject line, but will still deliver to the intended recipient. You can set what you want your Spam stamp in the subject line to be, next to Spam stamp & forward subject tag, below.
    Include an easy-spam-reporting disclaimer in passed email If selected, this will add a footer to the bottom of all incoming email, stating that it has been scanned for spam and viruses. It also includes spam reporting, which allows users to report any emails incorrectly classified as spam. (Here are instructions on adding a disclaimer to outgoing emails.)
    Quarantine inbound email sent by active domains associated with this organization If selected, any incoming message that has a “from” domain impersonating one of yours is blocked.
    Update spam detection settings above for all existing user accounts If selected, all the above settings will be applied to all your users, regardless of their personal spam settings.
    Inbound sender DNS check If selected, this will check incoming emails for a properly set up email domain record. If the sending domain is not set up properly to receive emails, the email will not get through. This helps stop spam that is sent from a fake domain.
  4. When you’re finished making changes, click Save.

Next step

  • If you have elected to quarantine any messages on this page, or have created any filters that quarantine certain messages, you may want to check out your Quarantine Digest settings.

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