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Fixing expired SSL Certifcates in your browser

We always employ the latest and greatest in internet security — your privacy, protection and safety are a top priority to us. GoDaddy Email Marketing is always secure! So what’s going on if you’ve clicked a link in an email, and run into a warning like this:

example warning message for GoDaddy Email Marketing email redirect link with expired SSL certificate

Or maybe something like this?

example warning message for GoDaddy Email Marketing with expired SSL certificate

Or if you’re happily browsing and creating your phenomenal campaigns, and you see this in your browser address bar:

example browser address display for GoDaddy Email Marketing with expired SSL certificate

What’s happening here is that you actually have an expired SSL certificate in use by your browser. Our security is always up to date, but one that we used to use, from DigiCert High Assurance, has recently expired. So, even though our security is in tip-top shape, your browser is warning you, because that certificate is still cached in your access route. You can read more details about this specific expired intermediate security certificate on DigiCert's blog.

This is likely to only happen for our Mac users out there, but there’s a quick and easy way to fix this! Follow these steps, and you’ll be golden:

1. Go to your computer Applications area, and click on the Other group — you may have never even noticed that it was ever there. It should be right up near the beginning of the list.

find the

2. Then click on the application Keychain Access, to find your browser security certificates.

find Keychain Access in

3. Click the View menu at the top of the screen, and select Show expired certificates. This will display all those certificates that your browser has collected, that have expired before today. By default these are hidden in the certificate display.

in Keychain Access click

4. Use the search bar in the top right of the application window to search for “DigiCert High Assurance”. You should see the list reduce down, real quick.

5. Find the certificate called DigiCert High Assurnace EV Root CA that expired before today, and ctrl-click (or double finger click) on that item in the list. Choose the option to delete the certificate.

Find expired certificate and delete to browse without trouble, GoDaddy Email Marketing is secure

Note: While you're here, you might want to look for any other certificates that have expired before today. Deleting these will help your browser behavior, in general, no matter what websites you are visiting.

Now you’re all set! You should be free to sail the seas with no further security warnings or frightening red cross-outs. Avast!

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