How many visitors can view my site at once?

While we do not limit the number of visitors that can view your website, we do limit the number of visitors who can simultaneously connect to your hosting account. There's a subtle difference there because users only count as "connecting" while they're actively downloading content from your website.

However, as soon as users finish loading a page's content or disconnect from SSH, their connections are freed up for other users. This means if the page a user's connecting to takes .1 seconds to fully load, she only counts as a connection for .1 seconds. After that, she no longer counts toward your total allowed connections — unless she clicks somewhere on your site that establishes another connection.

This means, theoretically, a very large number of visitors could be viewing your website at the same time, as long as they didn't all process the requests simultaneously.

The number of simultaneous connections your hosting account can handle depends on its type (more info).

Web (Hosting Control Panel)

Operating System
Linux Windows


Economy At least 150 At least 150
Deluxe At least 300 At least 300
and Ultimate
At least 600 At least 450

Note: If your Linux-based hosting account is running a Cron job or has an open SSH connection, that also counts as a connection.

Database Connections

Database connections are on a per-user basis.

Type Limit
MySQL 200
MS SQL 100

If you'd like to move between Classic and Web hosting, see Upgrading or Downgrading Your Hosting Account.

Linux (cPanel)

cPanel accounts are limited by the Entry Processes resource outlined in Resource limits.

Note: If your Linux-based hosting account is running a Cron job or has an open SSH connection, that also counts as a connection.

Windows (Plesk)

All Plesk accounts are limited to 500 simultaneous connections.

Managed WordPress

Managed WordPress does not impose a hard limit on the number of simultaneous visitors to your site.

An Analogy for Simultaneous Visitors

If the page load explanation didn't resonate with you, think about a kitchen. Instead of simultaneously providing data to X numbers of visitors, kitchens can prepare X numbers of meals. As soon as it's done preparing one meal, it can start preparing another. So, the total number of customers they can serve isn't the total number of meals they can make — it's the rate at which they can take on new orders.

Now, relating that back to concurrent connections: your connection limit isn't the total number of visitors that can be on your site. It's simply the number of visitors it can deliver/serve data to simultaneously.

Calculating Total Visitors

Based on the number of concurrent connections your account has, you can calculate how many visitors per minute you can serve if you know your sites average load time. Below are some example calculations:

Max. Concurrent Connections
(Entry Processes)
100 125 150
Average connection duration
2 2 2
Entry Processes per second
(Entry Processes / seconds)
50 63 75
Entry Processes per minute
(Entry Processes / seconds * 60 seconds)
3000 3780 4500

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