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Restore website from a backup in The Hub

If you've activated premium backups, you can restore your website from a backup. Restores can be done using scheduled or manual backups in The Hub dashboard.

  1. Log in to The Hub.
  2. Select Sites from the main navigation menu.
  3. Select the site you’re working with from the list.
  4. Select the Security drop-down. Then select Backups.
  5. Select the desired restore date. If there are multiple backups on the same date, select the desired one from the drop-down menu.
  6. Select Restore. Select if you'd like to Restore files and/or Restore database.
  7. Select Restore to confirm.

A "Restore successful" text notification will appear below the Restore button, once the process is complete.

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jmjmjm0123's Avatar
Fully Backup and restore website - If someone hacked my wordpress.

1 Câu trả lời

Last posted almost 4 years ago.

AdminBF's Avatar
Restore Individual website using Godaddy's Site Backups

3 Câu trả lời

Last posted about 4 years ago.

gksonal's Avatar
Restore backup of the website

1 Câu trả lời

Last posted about 4 years ago.

Alex4000's Avatar
To restore a backup to an addon domain

1 Câu trả lời

Last posted almost 3 years ago.

UptownBarber's Avatar
Web Builder Version 7 Backup and Restore

1 Câu trả lời

Last posted almost 2 years ago.

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