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Windows Hosting (Plesk) Trợ giúp

Connect remotely to databases in Windows Hosting

Connecting remotely to a database lets you manage it using tools like MySQL Query Browser, MySQL Workbench, or Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express. If you want to connect remotely to a database, here's a list of the settings you may need.

Field What to enter...
Host Name or Server Your database's host name
Port MySQL: 3306
MS SQL: 1433
Username The database user's username
Password The database user's password
Database The name of the database

To get specific info for your database see View database details for my Windows Hosting.

Note: Direct database connections do not support secured (SSL) connections.

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sam3's Avatar
Remote access to desktop and database not available

1 Câu trả lời

Last posted over 4 years ago.

manojkumarcdo's Avatar
Video Walkthrough | Connect to databases remotely

1 Câu trả lời

Last posted over 3 years ago.

jbrown08322's Avatar
Invalid connection string attribute

6 Câu trả lời

Last posted over 1 year ago.

jgodish's Avatar
Open ports

1 Câu trả lời

Last posted over 4 years ago.

tharinduMalinda's Avatar
Remote Database Access Limitation

1 Câu trả lời

Last posted about 3 years ago.

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