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Move a Managed WordPress site to an unmanaged WordPress account

There may be instances in which Managed WordPress doesn't meet your needs or you want to move to another hosting provider. Follow these steps to manually move a Managed WordPress site to a non-managed WordPress host.

Required: You'll need the following to complete all steps in this series:

• An unmanaged host account that is set up and has a working installation of WordPress to move your site to. The contents of the WordPress site you're moving to will be overwritten.
• An FTP client to move your site files. There are many third-party FTP clients available, we recommend the FileZilla FTP client.
• A text editor to make the necessary changes in a SQL file. There are many third-party text editors available, we recommend Notepad++. Do not edit files in this series with a word processing application like Microsoft Word.
• Give yourself 30-60 minutes to complete all six steps.
  1. Tải xuống các tập tin trang của bạn
  2. Xuất cơ sở dữ liệu trang của bạn
  3. Tải lên các tập tin trang của bạn
  4. Chỉnh sửa tập tin SQL để nhập
  5. Nhập cơ sở dữ liệu trang của bạn
  6. Thực hiện các chỉnh sửa cuối cùng