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Proper Use of

The, and other internal email addresses for suggestions (see list of all available addresses below), are solely for customers and employees who want to inform our developers and/or management of ideas they have to improve existing products and services.

Please be aware of these common issues associated with the email address:

  • Online Support replies should be sent as a BCC to only when the customer offers a specific suggestion as outlined above.
  • Be sure customers know that the email address is an unanswered mailbox, and they will not receive a reply.
  • Tell customers that all suggestions are given full review and consideration, and many of the updates to our systems and products are a result of the feedback received through this venue.
  • We cannot accept ideas for new products and/or services, creative ideas such as commercials or marketing ventures, or charitable requests. Politely tell customers we cannot accept this sort of request through, but they can find info for these on our website.
  • Please do not offer the email address to customers experiencing technical problems. These matters should be sent through the proper escalation channels.
  • Your floor manager knows where to direct suggestions regarding internal processes, procedures, and our tools.
  • Whenever possible, include the name of the product or service (such as Website Builder) in the subject line of the email, include the page or location and a screenshot if applicable.
  • For any requests regarding email notices sent by our system, please attach the email in question as an attachment when sending. Any suggestions received without an example of the email template cannot be processed.

Other email addresses for suggestions include:


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