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Using email with domains hosted elsewhere

To use our email when your domain name is hosted by another company, you must point your MX records to us. MX records are located in your DNS zone file and direct email messages that are sent to your domain name to your email provider. If your MX records do not point to your email provider, you cannot receive email.

First, you have to find your MX records in your Workspace account.

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Liên quan đến cộng đồng

greg65's Avatar
Using a Domain hosted elsewhere with a Go Central Site

3 Câu trả lời

Last posted over 3 years ago.

papachumba's Avatar
Using Office365 Email for my GoDaddy domain (hosted elsewhere)

3 Câu trả lời

Last posted 3 months ago.

Eyeguy's Avatar
setting up sub-domains hosted elsewhere

1 Câu trả lời

Last posted about 1 year ago.

peterb's Avatar
Using my 1 domain email address

4 Câu trả lời

Last posted over 4 years ago.

ACI's Avatar
Changing DNS and MX Records to make this happen??

1 Câu trả lời

Last posted over 4 years ago.

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