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Submitting and Editing Business Listings

You can use Search Engine Visibility to submit information about your business to® (®). connects businesses with consumers searching for products or services in their area by quickly providing information such as address, business hours, and a map with driving directions.

Note: Currently this feature is only available for businesses located in the United States.

To Submit or Edit a Business Listing

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.
  2. Click Search Engine Visibility.
  3. Click Manage for the account you want to use.
  4. From the Submit menu, select Your Business.
  5. Click Submit a local listing, or click Add One Now to add additional listings.
  6. Enter the following general information for your business:
    • Contact Person's Name — Enter the name of the person to contact for this listing. This information does not display in the listing.
    • Business Name — Enter the name of your business.
    • Business Slogan — If you have a slogan or tagline for your business, enter it here.
    • Business Address — Enter the physical address for your business. Your customers can use this address to get directions or view your business on a map.
    • Business City — Enter the city where your business is located.
    • Business State — Select the state where your business is located.
    • Business Zip — Enter the five digit Zip code.
    • Don't display my address on listing — Select this option only if it's absolutely necessary. Customers choose listings with addresses 50 percent more often than those without.
    • Business Categories — Categories are kind of like keywords. You can enter up to five categories for your business.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Enter the following details for your business:
    • Business Website — The website for your Search Engine Visibility V1 account displays, or you can enter a different URL for your business website.
    • Business Email — Enter the email address for your business.
    • Primary Phone — Enter the phone number for your business.
    • Additional Phone — If you have additional phone numbers you want to display, such as Fax or After Hours, select the type and enter the number.
    • Display hours of operation — Select this to display your business hours or specify unique options such as holidays or appointments.
    • Payment methods — Select the payment methods you accept.
    • Languages spoken — If you conduct business in multiple languages, you can enter up to five languages.
  9. Click Next.
  10. Enter more information to help customers learn about your business:
    • Tell us your business' products and services — Enter a brief paragraph describing your products and services.
    • General information — Is there anything you want potential customers to know that you haven't already provided? You can include it here.
    • Location description — While most local directories provide maps and directions, you can enter specific information to help people locate your business. For example, you can include information about parking or road construction.
    • Price range — If it's relevant for your industry, select a price range for products or services so your potential customers know what to expect.
    • Associations
    • Social networks — Add links to social network pages, such as Facebook® or Twitter®, to provide potential customers another way to connect with your business and other customers.
    • Miscellaneous — Select the options that are relevant for your business.
  11. Click Submit.

After you submit your listing, your business displays Pending on the Local Submit dashboard. The submission can take up to an hour, and you should allow about 48 hours for your business to display in search results.

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