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Account Management Trợ giúp

Statement of Support – Overall Guidance

Please review the full Statement of Support to learn more about available support for additional products and services.


  • Purchasing or renewing GoDaddy products
  • Setting up GoDaddy products
  • Showing you the steps to use our products
  • Diagnosing connection or access errors
  • Ensuring our systems and architecture are up and running

Not Supported:

  • Configuring and customizing your application settings
  • Troubleshooting network connections
  • Creating websites and content (naming, drafting, building, publishing)
  • Getting people to your website
  • Learning how the Internet works (code, servers, and connections)
  • Training about your computer, mobile device, or tablet

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jp15's Avatar
Difficult to reach customer support, 24/7 support is misleading.

1 Câu trả lời

Last posted 10 months ago.

psionw's Avatar
Change Wordpress MySQL database password

1 Câu trả lời

Last posted almost 3 years ago.

glaspak's Avatar
HTAccess causes 500 internal error

7 Câu trả lời

Last posted over 4 years ago.

KrunalChaudhari's Avatar
Hosting Plesk Admin login issue

2 Câu trả lời

Last posted over 2 years ago.

alexridge333's Avatar
I want to invest in domains, what’s the monthly fee of owning 1 domain?

2 Câu trả lời

Last posted almost 3 years ago.

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