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Using a Control Panel With Cisco PIX 501 Hardware Firewall

When a hosting server that has run without a Cisco PIX 501 hardware firewall has one added, a re-mapping of website IP addresses is required. When the firewall is installed, it inherits the server's public IP addresses. The server runs on private IP addresses and communicates to the outside through the firewall. Private IP addresses start at and subsequent addresses are created by incrementing the last quad:,, etc.

The firewall is responsible for statically translating public IP addresses to private IP addresses. For example, a Cisco PIX 501 firewall added to a server with public IP addresses and inherits these addresses and translates them to private IP addresses and, respectively. This process is known as Network Address Translation (NAT).

When the Cisco PIX 501 hardware firewall is added to an existing server, the translation rules are automatically configured. For information on configuring the rules for new IP addresses, see Adding IP Addresses to Cisco PIX 501 Hardware Firewall Device Manager.

The use of a hosting control panel such as Parallels Plesk Panel or Simple Control Panel may result in issues after hardware firewall installation.

To address Parallels Plesk Panel issues, see FileZilla: FTP settings to upload your website.

To address Simple Control Panel issues, see Using Simple Control Panel With Cisco PIX 501 Hardware Firewall.

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