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What Are My Text Layout Options?

Website Builder offers you many layouts to choose from. Each layout includes specific areas for your title text, your subtitle text, and your main content. For best results, your Web page content should be added to content blocks in the body of your Web page. With the exception of your page title, content should not be entered into the heading at the top of your page.

When adding text to your website, you may want to consider the following guidelines:

Page Title
The page title should summarize the contents of the page. This should be no more than one sentence in length. Just a few words may suffice. A lengthy title may disrupt the layout of your page.
Content Headings
Adding a heading to each unique block of text is useful for highlighting individual sections. Headings do not need to be gigantic. Typically, one and a half times the size of body text is recommended. You also have other options that allow you to emphasize headings without increasing their size. For example, you can make the text bold or use a different color. These techniques can be especially helpful when you need multiple levels of headings.
Column Width
In Website Builder, content blocks are designed with a pre-determined width. This ensures good readability as the reader does not have to scan a wide body of text.
Font Size
The size of text should also be considered for your target audience. If the text is too small or too large, the reader may lose track of the start of each line.
Text Alignment
There are several ways to align text:
  • Left aligned text has a straight left margin, but a ragged right margin as different lines take up different amounts of space.
  • Right aligned text is the reverse, lined up along the right margin instead.
  • Center alignment places items an equal distance from the left and right margins.
  • Justified text alters word and letter spacing so that it lines up along both margins.

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