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What kinds of websites can you build?

Our team of professional designers use an Internet-based application to design and build the website you want. Once you provide us with text and pictures to incorporate, we'll create a clean and professional website that you'll proudly call your own. After your website is published, you can use the application to update it or have the Professional Web Services team make site updates for you.

Our template-based system provides visual continuity and ease of use that your website guests will appreciate on each visit. Every page of your website will have the same header, main navigation, colors and fonts, and background, to ensure a consistent look while allowing your customers to easily move from page-to-page.

What Professional Web Services Supports

  • Creating new pages
  • Editing existing pages
  • Custom forms
  • Photo galleries
  • Image slide shows
  • RSS feeds
  • Flash® intros (headers and Flash ad banners)
  • Video
  • Music
  • Password-protected pages (limited to one user name and password per secured page.)

Our websites are designed to be user-friendly and manageable. As a result, it's important to note the following:

Professional Web Services Limitations

Flash elements
You can select from our existing Flash intros and we'll customize them with your content. If you have Flash (.swf) files that you want to incorporate, we can add them; however, we cannot edit them.
Flash headers can be purchased and installed on your Professional Web Services site. For more information contact us at (480) 366-3336.
Membership sites and multiple logins
Different pages may have different logins, but the user name and password for that page must be the same for all site users.
Secure databases
Emailed forms allow your site's visitors to contact you conveniently. But information from forms is not collected in a database, and we can't build forms to collect sensitive information that requires encryption, such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, or medical information.
Custom shopping carts
We can create a Web store for you, utilizing our Quick Shopping Cart® application. For details on purchasing a Web store, click here.
Database-driven sites
We don't build database-driven sites. Often database-driven sites are used to allow the user to change the content that displays on a page, such as images and descriptions. Many e-commerce sites use databases to allow you to browse through a large catalog of products, without leaving the page you are on.
Search functionality
Search functionality, such as a real estate website that allows visitors to search for properties within a database is not available. We do offer the use of Google® Site Searches to enhance this ability.

If you have further questions, please call (480) 366-3344.

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