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What reports are available with my Reseller account?

Your Basic and Pro Reseller account provides several reporting tools to help you manage and grow your business.

  1. Sign in to your Reseller Control Center (use your GoDaddy username and password).
  2. Go to Reports and select one of the following:
    • Commissions — Track how much you've earned from your storefront over time. This report displays commissions earned, total revenue, your total number of new customers and orders per day.

    • Product Commissions — View the products sold from your storefront, and total sales and commissions by product in a date range. You can see details of unit sales by clicking the number under the Units column.

    • Payment History — Monitor historical payments made to you, and the dates and amounts that commission payments were sent to you. Not seeing any commissions here? Here's how to be paid commissions.

    • Renewals — Display upcoming renewals of products and services by a specific date range. This includes renewal dates, customer numbers, customer names, product names, revenue earned and commissions.

    • Marketing Source Codes — Track marketing campaign performance by Source code. You’ll see where your customers are located, the campaigns they’re following and the popularity of your campaigns in certain markets.

    • Product Sales — Compare two sales periods. For example, compare this month's sales to last month's sales. You can filter the results by product type, order type and customer type. For each product displayed, the results include the number of units and orders, the amount of revenue generated and commission earned, and the difference between the two sales periods.

    • Customer Lookup — Find information about your customers. You can view a customer's contact information, order history, discount pricing status and delegate access.

    • Customer Sales — View information on customers' purchasing habits, such as how much they're spending and what they're buying. You can narrow it down by product type, order type and customer type.

    • Discount Customer Sales — Track purchases made by customers with discount customer accounts. To learn more about discount customer accounts, check out understanding Reseller accounts.

    • Domain Lookup — Search for domain names currently under management through your Reseller. You can see which customer registered the domain name, their customer number, the original order number and the domain name's contact information.

    • Domain Registrations — Display domain names registered during a time frame you specify. This includes up-to-date expiration dates, years registered and contact information.

    • Pending Transfers — Monitor incoming and outgoing domain name transfers. You can find the domain name, date the transfer was initiated, the customer's information, original order number for the domain name, current transfer status, any necessary actions to complete the transfer and the gaining/losing registrar.
  3. In the Show or Date boxes, select or enter the date range you want to view, and then click View Report.

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  • Now that you have a better understanding of your customers and which products are performing well, offer custom promotions to attract more business.

More info

  • You can also use Google Analytics to track your storefront’s visitors and their behavior.

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