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Working With Open Issues in Website Protection Site Scanner

If Website Protection Site Scanner identifies issues in your website, you should carefully review the details for every issue. If Site Scanner identified malware or critical issues, we recommend that you fix those first.

Website Protection Site Scanner does not fix issues identified on your website because most issues do not have a one-size-fits-all resolution.

In the Open Issues list, click the issue description to see full details, suggestions to fix the issue, and links to additional resources.

NOTE: You can organize your Open Issues by clicking the color-coded issue type, or select the type from the drop-down menu.

There are three actions you can perform:

  Ask for help — If you have questions or need help to resolve an issue, submit a request for help. Include specifics and any steps you've taken so far.

  Dispute — If you disagree with an issue, or feel that it is invalid, submit a dispute. In your notes, include specific reasons why you are disputing the issue.

  Resolve — After you correct the problem with your website, return to Site Scanner to mark the issue resolved. Provide steps you took to resolve the issue.

NOTE: Site Scanner calculates issues in your score until you click the resolve icon, and the following scan confirms the resolution.

If you submit a dispute or request for help, your message and all correspondence is in the details for the issue. We notify you via email when a security adviser responds to your request. However, you must log in to Site Scanner and click the issue to review the response.

You can also contact our expert security team directly by calling the phone number listed on your Site Scanner dashboard.

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