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Working with the CashParking API

The CashParking® API lets you download CashParking stats, add domain names to your CashParking account, and maintain keywords for your CashParking domain names — using your own software and server and our Web methods!

To Access the CashParking API

You can find WSDL (Web Service Description Language) for the CashParking API at

There are multiple Web methods available with the API interface. Each method requires specific parameters including:

  • User Name — Your shopper (i.e., customer account) ID.
  • Password — The password to your shopper account.
  • CashParking API Key — The API Key is a unique identifier for each CashParking account. Use, and log in to your account to view your API Key.

TIP: All parameter fields must be in string format.

Using the GetCashParkingAccountStats Method

This method lets you download reported stats for all domain names in your CashParking account.

  • The report start date must be June 16, 2006 or later.
  • Reports are limited to 90 days between the start date and the end date.
  • Summary rows are returned, by domain name, for the requested date range.
Parameter Description
un Shopper ID
pw Password
key The CashParking API key
startDate Report begin date in MM/DD/YY format
endDate Report end date in MM/DD/YY format
csvxml Result format - xml for XML format, blank for CSV format

Output Example in XML Return Format:

Output Example in CSV Return Format:

Domain,Revenue,Pop-Unders,Clicks,Impressions,US Impressions,CPC,RPM,CTR DOMAIN1.COM,1.54,0.00,28,170,95,0.0550,9.06,0.1647 DOMAIN2.COM,0.53,0.00,20,20,18,0.0265,26.50,1.0000 DOMAIN3.COM,0.00,0.00,0,0,0,0,0,0 DOMAIN4.COM,1.13,0.00,41,185,101,0.0276,6.11,0.2216

Using the AddDomainsToCashParking Method

Use this method to add domain names to a CashParking account.

When a domain name is registered with us, we automatically update its nameservers to the default CashParking nameservers.

When a domain name is not registered with us, we add it to the CashParking account but it remains in pending status until you update its nameservers (through your account at the domain name's registrar) to the following values:

NOTE: We add domain names as Auto-Optimized, and we automatically assign a template and keywords to them. See Working with Automated Keywords and Templates in CashParking for information on re-categorization of auto-optimized domain names.

This method returns an XML string of the method results. The result attribute of the Domain node indicates the success or failure of the addition. A "0" indicates that the operation succeeded and we added the domain name to the CashParking account.

Parameter Description
un Shopper ID
pw Password
key CashParking API key
sDomains Comma-delimited list of domain names to be added

Output Example:

Using the ChangeCashParkingKeywords Method

This method changes keywords for domain names in your CashParking account. These rules apply to keyword updates:

  • Values are limited to characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9, apostrophe, and hyphen.
  • Keyword parameter has a 100-character limit and might include up to four comma-separated keywords and phrases.
  • All keyword submissions are subject to review and might be denied after review.
  • Trademarked terms are not allowed.

NOTE: Calling this method deactivates auto-optimization for each domain name in the calling string.

Output for this method is an XML string of the Change Keyword result.

Parameter Description
un Shopper ID
pw Password
key CashParking API key
sDomains Comma-delimited list of domain names to be added
keywords A list of up to four comma-separated words or phrases to be used as keywords for the included domain list

Output Example:

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