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Delete products in my GoDaddy account

If you no longer need a product, you can delete the product from your account. We'll send you a confirmation email you must answer, and after you reply, we'll delete the product and its files.

If you've purchased a subscription that includes multiple products, any changes you make are applied to all products in the subscription. Products included in a subscription can't be individually deleted.

Note: You’ve also got the option to turn off auto-renew for your product instead of deleting it. You’ll be able to keep using it until the end of your subscription – then we’ll delete the product and its files after your subscription expires.

  1. First, are you deleting one of these products? These have different steps to delete or cancel. For products not in this list, continue to the next step.
  2. For all other products, go to your GoDaddy Renewals & Billing page. You might be prompted to sign in.
    Go to Renewals & Billing
  3. Select the product you want to delete, then select Cancel Renewal.
    The cancel renewal icon is highlighted
  4. Select Delete My Product.
    click delete my product
  5. Select To complete my request, I acknowledge that I must open the email and select 'Yes, I want to delete.'

    Note: If you’re cancelling a domain with Ownership Protection, you'll need to verify your identity. Select Yes, Delete this product, then select Verify and delete. We'll send a verification code via SMS or authenticator app if you've had two-step verification (2SV) enabled in your account for more than 72 hours. Otherwise, select Send Password to send a one-time password to your registrant email address.

  6. Select Send email.
    select to complete my request
  7. When you receive our "Are you sure?" email, open it and select Yes, I Want to Delete! We'll take you back to your account. If you're not getting our email, make sure your account profile is up-to-date.
  8. Select Delete product. We'll confirm that your product was deleted from the account. If you'd like, use the feedback box to let us know why you deleted the product.

Related steps

  • You may be able to request a refund for a canceled product. For refund eligibility, see our refund policy .
  • After you delete all your products, you can close your GoDaddy account.

    Warning: You can't get a refund after you close your account. Once your account is closed, your account data is deleted and you will no longer be eligible for a refund as otherwise permitted under our refund policy

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